[Listen] Wale ft. Kid Cudi - "Focused"

It's surprising to see a collaboration between Kid Cudi and Wale, seeing as how in 2009, the two rappers had a highly public beef with each other. It's fitting, then, that the collaborative track that the two have put out is titled "Focused."

When speaking to MTV News, Wale stated that the track is “a testament to where I am lyrically, spiritually, all of that, because this song almost never happened, as y’all know. When they kept talking about me and Cudi in every magazine, this is the record I felt like they needed to hear — the one that everybody was going to get behind, and it was going to go top 40 and not be corny. This is like the best top 40 non-cheesy record that you’re ever going to hear in your life. That’s how I feel about it.”

You can listen to the track in its entirety at Rapdose.

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