[Listen] Hear 2 Tracks From The Re:Generation Documentary Feat. Skrillex x The Doors & DJ Premier x NaS

Myself and Adrian had the pleasure to check out the Hyundai event during CMJ for the upcoming documentary Re:Generations which features some of our favorite artists like Mark Ronson, DJ Premier, Skrillex, The Crystal Method and Nas. Now, you can hear 2 tracks from the upcoming film, the first we heard during DJ Premier's mix session at the Hyundai Re:mix labs event titled "Regeneration" features DJ Premier's original take on classical music and features Nas and the Berklee Symphony Orchestra. Check it out below. 

The second track is the long awaited collaboration from one of the hottest dubstep producers at the moment Skrillex and the remaining members of classic rock group The Doors. Check out "Breakin' A Sweat (It's Alright)" in the player below.

Check out more from the film at youtube.com/veloster and regenerationmusicproject.com.