[Listen] Justice - 'Audio, Video, Disco' (Album Preview)

Okay. I know alot of you were feeling a bit worried that Justice's sophomore album Audio, Video, Disco would bomb after listening to the first two album singles "Civilization" and "Audio, Video, Disco." Then, "Helix" surfaced and raised your hopes a little more, hearing that classic Justice sound that they presented on their debut album Cross. Well, fear not anymore my friends.

Ed Banger Records has released a sweet 4 minute album sampler mix of the upcoming album Audio, Video, Disco and by god does it sound amazing. Check it out for yourself below. If this doesn't get you fuckin psyched for the new album droping October 24th, I dont know what will.

Shouts to Music For Perfect People for pointing this out. Pre-order the album here.

JUSTICE "Audio, Video, Disco." medley by edbangerrecords

Still not satisfied? Here's another preview: