[Watch] The Drums - "How It Ended" (Official Video)

The Drums have offered up the visual for their track "How It Ended," which rounded off their latest studio effort Portamento. The video sees Jonathan Pierce, the band's singer, walking the picturesque streets of London whilst being filmed by a camera draped in a veil/cloth, which gives the video a rustic visual effect. According to director Patrick Roberts, "For [Jonathan], this is a very personal song. We wanted to convey a tone of recollection, memory, and longing. While the lyrical content could refer to a person, we wanted to play with the idea that it could also refer to a place. We chose to incorporate figures that were ghostly, painterly, and saturated in color. We wanted a video that retained a sense of human touch. Something visceral and intimate." Check it out for yourself in the player above.