[Listen] The Black Belles - 'The Black Belles' (Full Album Stream)

We been patiently waiting for this one for a while. The Black Belles have released a few singles including the rather catchy "Honky Tonk Horror", since we first heard about them. In the time they've been aining attention they got signed up by Jack White and Third Man Records, not forgetting about when helpied out Stephen Colbert on his recent exploits at Third Man and the venture into the music biz. Today however, you can stream their entire self-titled full length debut courtesy CoS. The four piece offer up a blend of garage rock that'll have you weak at the knees, all whilst looking cooler than we could ever hope to be.

For the next 7 days you can stream the album prior to it being released on November the 8th. You can also pre-order a copy over here if you like what you hear. You probably will.  It's good.