[Listen] Tracks from Rocketjuice and the Moon Live in Marseilles

Damon Albarn really likes to keep himself busy huh? How does this guy fit so much into his day, seriously? Answers on a postcard please. After announcing another band under the (not so great) name of Rocketjuice and the Moon, Albarn, Flea and Tony Allen last weekend made their debut live show in London and it hasn't taken long for tracks and recordings to hit the internet. Below you can take a listen to a recording of "Poison" as well as tracks from the Youtube account rocketjuicethemoon, "Red Skies" and "The Moon". Over on the Youtube account you can listen to a host of songs from the gig in Marseilles over the weekend.

There's no official word of when a full length album will drop from these guys but we'll keep you in the loop with other Albarn related projects. Who knows who he'll be collaborating with next. Damon on Ice maybe...


"Red Skies"

"The Moon"