[Watch] Hawk Eyes - "Crack Another One" (Official Video)

I'd like to introduce you guys to Hawk Eyes, a band that come from sunny Leeds in the UK. Their debut Modern Bodies is top draw and they look likely to follow that up with their new EP Mindhammers that's due to drop on December the 12th. Up at the top you can enjoy the video is for "Crack Another One" from the EP and it sounds very much like Hawk Eyes but, with the new EP you'll be in for an extra treat. It's smoother, more polished and it has some different vibes thrown in for good measure. Progression. Think Mastodon mixed with some old Biffy Clyro and you'll have an idea of the direction some tracks are going in. In short it's great. For now though, enjoy the rip-roaring "Crack Another One" after the jump.

Like what you see/hear?! Course you do. Head over here to pre-order the EP and pick up their debut. As well, they're currently on tour in the UK with The James Cleaver Quintet and Turbowolf. If you want some fun and frolics in a live setting then you can catch their few remaining dates over here before they head out on tour again in December.