[Watch] Candice Gordon - "I See A Demon" (Video)

Above is the video for South African-born now Irish-based folk artist Candice Gordon's first single, "I See A Demon" from her debut album Before The Sunset Ends. I love how tender and thoughtful her voice and lyrics are. Her ability to make you feel like you already know a lot about her with just one song is a feat that most cannot achieve, especially not with their first single from their debut album. The video was animated by Gordon herself in a flat in Berlin, so extra props to her for having extra hustle and talent to bring to the table. If you like what you see and hear above, you can be supportive of an independent artist's work by grabbing "I See A Demon" on iTunes.

BTW - We received word of Gordon from our Artist Contact submission form over in our Contact section, so we do check those, just so you know.