[Listen] Little Comets - "His Thunder"

Last month we posted the upbeat feel good track titled "Worry" from Little Comets who come from sunny Newcastle-upon-Tyne. That track was a bright little that put a smile on my face first thing in a morning and hopefully a few of you too. Today they put a smile on my face with a more sombre track titled "His Thunder". Softer guitar work and soaring vocals that will send a shiver down your spine before closing with what sounds like the wind blowing through your speakers in the dying seconds. This, I like a lot. A different vibe from their previous track but just as brilliant. Give it a listen for yourselves over here. Alternatively watch the equally great sounding acoustic rendition at the top, it looks to be filmed in a tunnel of sorts. It works perfectly for recreating the haunting echoes featured on the studio version.

This and the aforementioned "Worry" and this track will feature on their upcoming EP, Worry, which drops on December 12th.