[Download] Okkervil River - 'Golden Opportunities 2'

Almost exactly four years ago, Okkervil River gave their fans a special treat in the form of Golden Opportunities, a free, nine-track mixtape that included covers of Joni Mitchell, John Cale, and even a live version of their own “Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas.” Now, the band has returned with a follow-up to the mixtape, aptly titled Golden Opportunities 2.

This time around, the five-track mixtape includes ”a series of conceptually-related covers, this time by lesser-known musicians’ musicians such as Motown session player Ted Lucas, the 1980’s Australian band the Triffids, and the mysterious L.A. singer-songwriter Jim Sullivan, who vanished in the New Mexico desert in 1975." Head on over to the band's official website to download the mixtape for free. As well, you can check out the track listing for the five-track effort after the jump.

Golden Opportunities 2 Tracklist:
01. It is So Nice to Get Stoned (Ted Lucas)
02. U.F.O. (by Jim Sullivan)
03. One Soul Less On Your Fiery List (David McComb)
04. Plan D (Bill Fay)
05. Dry Bones (American Traditional)

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