[Listen] The Roots - 'undun' (Full Album Stream)

On December 6th, The Roots will be releasing their thirteenth studio album, the conceptual and dark undun. Following the fictional tale of a man named Redford Stephens, the album explores the ugliness of drugs and the drug trade and delves into the tragic life and death of Stephens. As ?uestlove told SPIN in a recent interview, "[i]t's basically a tale about someone who makes one decision that completely undoes their entire life. And we tell the story backwards, so when you hear the record it starts at the very end of this character's life. We wanted to tell a cautionary tale but didn't want to do the cliché tale of a 'hood kid who does the wrong shit and then just dies."

Now, courtesy of NPR, you can enjoy the full album stream of undun, one week before it's set to hit stores. You can listen to the stream below, from the posthumous album opener "Sleep" to the album closing, four-part cover of Sufjan Stevens' "Redford."