[News] Fugazi Releasing Live Concert Archive For Download

We saw that Red Hot Chili peppers are to release live convert recordings on their upcoming world tour and now Fugazi have announced too that they are releasing live recordings from the archive. Digging deep into their live archives they are set to release over 800 concerts from between 1987-2003 for fans to download! 800 shows! Unlike RHCP who've named their price, Fugazi are letting the fans decide and they can pay $5 (suggested) for a download but you can pay just $1 if you like or maybe you're feeling generous and want to give 'em $100, that's cool too!

The Fugazi Live Series will be available from December the 1st starting with 130 shows being avaialble over at their website for people to enjoy with more being added regularly until the full 800 shows are up. Fugazi fans rejoice for you have a lot of listening to prepare for!