[Listen] Spector - "Grey Shirt & Tie"

A nice little treat here. The song below is from Spector and shows them at their minimal and haunting best, switching out the guitars from live tidbits I've seen floating around but none the less an awesome track. The production responsibilities were handed over to Craig Silvey who's worked on some great other bands including Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys and The Horrors. He most certainly knows what he's doing and the results can be heard below. If you like what you're ears are receiving there's a few Euro dates viewable after the jump.

Spector - Grey Shirt & Tie by Luv Luv Luv

Spector Tour Dates:

10/11 - La Fleche d'Or - Paris

11/11 - London Calling @ Paradiso - Amsterdam

12/11 - Constellations Festival - Leeds

05/12 - Bethnal Green Working Men's Club - London