[Watch] 1,2,3 - "Sorry Soldier" x "Confetti" x "Wave Pool" (Sleepover Shows)


1,2,3 perform some of their tracks for the Sleepover Shows with the use of an acoustic guitar and a tambourine with the added novelty of what looks like an old rusty vent of some sort for percussion. Whatever works eh?! The band generously gave Sleepover as much time as they needed to shoot and the result is enjoyable here for you today. First up is singer/guitarist Nic Snyder and bassist Chad Monticue adding some harmonies harmonies to the track "Sorry Soldier". After the jump you can peep a performance of "Confetti" and another of "Wave Pool". All three of which are pretty awesome from start to finish. Hat tip to Listen Before You Buy for the heads up on this.