[Watch] letlive. - "Renegade 86" (Official Video)

After exploding into the eyes of many with the release of their great album Fake History we get to see some new official visuals from the band better known as letlive. They've supported a tonne of bands and played some festival slots across the world in the past 12 months earning themselves a very big live reputation. Today we get some new video action for the next single from Fake History, "Renegade 86", which manages to put across some of their live energy. Some of it... The video sees Jason and co running a mock around the Paris before what looks like a tonne of live footage from the band on recent European tours.

If you've ever seen these guys live you'll know the kind of show you're in for. Jason literally runs around like a headless chicken for the entire set constantly putting his body on the line. Ultimate respect for the guys and it's nice to see them gaining a nice following and getting more coverage. Check it out at the top and seriously, check these guys out live and maybe pick up the album if you like what you hear.