[Listen] sElf - "Looks And Money"

Nashville rocker/producer Matt Mahaffey has just self-released a new single, "Looks and Money" under his longtime band name sElf. After taking a lengthy hiatus in Los Angeles to play on and produce a handful of songs and albums for the likes of Beck, Lupe Fiasco, Hellogoodbye, Forever The Sickest Kids, Matt Kearney, Charlotte Gainsbourg, I Fight Dragons, The Sounds, and many more, Mahaffey has returned to the studio to work on music of his very own. Rumors have been swirling around of a new album since he dropped the track "Could You Love Me Now?" back in September of 2010, but at this point it seems like he's releasing goodies whenever he has a second to stop working on other people's albums. As a longtime fan of sElf, I will continue to patiently wait for more music as this has temporarily satisfied my hunger.

sElf - "Looks And Money" by Some Kind of Awesome

Make sure you grab "Looks and Money" over on iTunes. Also, for a good time you can hear the song featured in 24 actress Mary Lyn Rajskub's new YouTube comedy series Dicki in the "Making Friends" episode.

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