[Watch] Animal Collective's Avey Tare Performs Four New Tracks

We quite enjoyed Animal Collective's man Avey Tare and his solo release Down There when it dropped in late 2012. Over a year later though, the good folk over at 130BPM now point towards some footage of Avey performing new material. The fan shot footage is taken from Avey's current tour and is from a few different locations but it gives you a taste of where he's headed. Titles include "Song For Jerome", "In Photographs", "Slow Words,” and an untitled track. Give the videos a watch at the top and after the jump and keep your eyes peeled for some new material from Avey in the new year. It'll be good to hear some studio versions of these.

"Song For Jerome" & "Lucky 1"

Untitled (Some callling it "Sometimes")

"In Photographs"

"Slow Words"