[Watch] Fucked Up - "Turn the Season" (Official Video)

Fucked Up just don't want to take a break and sit down do they?! We're not complaining and after releasing two LP's in 2011, who knows what 2012 my hold for them? Well, we do actually, and it's at least one release titled "Year of the Tiger". It'll be released as a 12" and features Jim Jarmusch, Austra, and Annie-Claude Deschênes. You can expect to see it in stores onFebruary 21st via Matador (pushed back from the original date of Feb. 7th.)

 It's part of their ongoing Chinese Zodiac singles series and is self described by the band as "one of the best things we’ve ever done". Who are we to question a band and their own confidence, especially when it's Fucked Up.  As well as this release the band have just upped a new visual for their David Comes to Life track, "Turn The Season". According to Matablog, it was recorded during a photoshoot for the David Comes to Life album art. See what you make of the pose filled vid at the top via Spin.