[Watch] Wu Lyf Visit KEXP, Cover Papa M's "Krusty"

It's hard to not say things like "[insert band name] had a pretty good year" yada yada as the year of 2011 draws to a close and the Christmas lights and decorations sparkle everywhere you look, but for Wu Lyf, I think it's a valid statement. Popping up from what seemed like nowhere, the Manchester band have risen to the consciousness of many this year after releasing their full length debut Go Tell Fire to the Mountain.

They've played dates across the world and who knows what the future may hold for these raspy voiced Mancunions. Recently during a visit to KEXP they delivered performances of some of their album tracks along with a not so expected cover of David Pajo track "Krusty". These boys seem to have an obscure  musical knowledge but we think that's a good thing. Peep their full performance at the top which includes renditions of "Spitting Blood", "14 Crowns for me & Your Friends", the aforementioned "Krusty" Cover and "Heavy Pop".