[Watch] Cat Power - "King Rides By" (Official Video) Feat. Manny Pacquiao

Cat Power let loose the video for her 7-minute re-recording of "King Rides By" late last week and the video itself wasn't what I expected at al. It features the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao training and will most likely make you feel far too unfit. At least it's New Year Eve soon and we can all pledge allegiance to the gym for at least a day or two... maybe.

As well as the video though, you can grab yourself the new version of the track on her official site for the small price of a donation. A donation that benefits two charities: the Festival of Children Foundation and the Ali Forney Center. So, keeping with the spirit of giving this Holiday season dig deep one last time before hitting the sales.

Cat Power’s as yet untitled 9th LP is looking likely for a 2012 release but for now check out the re-recording of this track which was originally released in 1996 on Chan's album, What Would The Community Think.

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