[Interview] Rachael Yamagata Talks Dream Collaborations, Scary Movies, and Project Runway

In the mid-Nineties, singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata began her career in the music industry as part of the Chicago-based group Bumpus. After six years or touring and recording with the band, the Arlington, Virgia-born artist left the group to begin her solo career. As a solo artist, she has released four EPs, as well as three studio albums since her solo debut in 2003, including her third studio album, Chesapeake, which was released last October. Her recently released third LP was preceded by two outstanding studio efforts, the two-disc Elephants... Teeth Sinking Into Heart and her debut album Happenstance, all of which have taken the solo artist from a back up vocalist in Bumpus to a singer-songwriter icon.

Just before her November 21st performance at The Media Club in Vancouver, B.C., I had the chance to interview Rachael Yamagata, along with the help of my friend Samantha. The three of us discussed a number of topics, from Rachael's influences, to her cats, to all our opinions on scary movies, and to Samantha and Rachael's love for the TV show Project Runway. You can listen to our 45-minute audio interview below.

Rachael Yamagata Interview by Some Kind of Awesome