[Download] AM & Shawn Lee - "City Boy"

LA based indie pop artist AM and London-based sonic innovator Shawn Lee have decided to merge their talents in the form of an album titled Celestial Electric, which is due for a February 20th 2012 release on ESL. The lead single from the album is "City Boy" an chilled out electronic groove jam with a retro vibe.

The duo worked on the album separately in their individual hometowns, trading ideas and tracks via email. Lee would work on the song structure while AM would write songs and lyrics over Lee's grooves, adding vocals, guitars, bass and synths, just before emailing the songs back to Lee, who would then add keyboards, percussion and a variety of instruments before mixing the tracks.

The duo are planning a few performances with some UK dates in Spring 2012. For more information about AM & Shawn Lee, head over to their Facebook page.

AM & Shawn Lee - City Boy by AMSOUNDS