[Listen] Two Previously Unreleased Metallica Tracks

How many times have you listened to the Loutallica Lulu album, be honest? 10? 20 times maybe. I kid, I kid, but chances are if you were the majority of people hearing that album it didn't exactly tickle your 'tallica cravings. Don't sweat though, the band have covered that obstacle with a few previously unreleased tracks. The tracks are taken from sessions in 2008 and titled "Hate Train" and "Just a Bullet Away". Here's what the band said about it when they sent it to their fan club members:

We’re pretty excited to be bringing these songs back to life nearly four years after they were recorded. Once again, this is the unpolished version of the song… the original rough mix from March of 2008 in its rawest, untouched form.

See what you make of them below.