[Download] Sad Baby Wolf - "8th Level" x "Survival Guide"

Please enjoy the first two tracks from Albuquerque-band Sad Baby Wolf: "8th Level"and "Survival Guide". The band is comprised of former Shins members Marty Crandall, Neal Langford along with their longtime friend Jason Ward and Marty's brother Maury Crandall. What started as something thrown together quickly in 2010 for an old friend in the Albuquerque music scene's benefit concert quickly turned into the real deal soon after that four song set. In addition to these two songs, the band is excpected to release their debut full length in the spring of 2012 complete with a round of gigs, so be on the lookout for more information. 

It would be hard not to say that these songs definitely have some Shins influence to them, but fortunately it's just a slight twinge. Marty does an excellent job picking up lead vocals for the band and the overall sound is twangy and warm. I'm really looking forward to hear what else they have in store.

Sad Baby Wolf - "8th Level" x "Survival Guide" by Some Kind of Awesome