[Listen] Hear 2 New Beady Eye B-Sides "Sons Of The Stage" x "World Outside My Room"

By now, you may be aware that Oasis that Manchester band that were once HUGE have come to an end. If you didn't, sorry to break it to you 2 years late. However, the band is pretty much still going, just minus Noel Gallagher under the name of Beady Eye. You can check out two B-Sides from the boys below from the boys. Firstly we have a cover in the form of "Sons Of The Stage" from the band World of Twist. Secondly you can hear "World Outside My Room". Both of the tracks have Liam's swagger thrown in for good measure and the sound of them both is retro. Not that you'd expect anythign else from these guys at this point. In relation to the cover Liam recalls when he saw the band in Manchester:

"World of Twist were a top band. I remember going to see them at the Ritz. I was buzzing, what was girl called? Shells or something, the Edge or Adge on the piano, top band man I remembered him Tony when we used to rehearse at the Boardwalk in Oasis. He used to come in to our room, I think he used to rehearse there and he would glide along the wall as if in a spy movie, close the door and slide around the wall like we wouldn’t noticed him and I would carry on singing and he would go along the wall, bend down and pick up something and then glide back along wall and out the door- and I would think, why don’t you walk past us and get what you wanted (laughs) . Top band . Top band. What a dude.’ "

Check out his homage to World of Twist below along with "World Outside My Window" and look out for the release of their debut Different Gear, Still Speeding which is penned for a February 28th release date. They also just announced a handful of UK tour dates if you want to check them out on the road.

Beady Eye - "Sons Of The Stage" 

Beady Eye - "World Outside My Room"