[Watch] R.E.M. - "Mine Smell Like Honey" (Video)

As CoS points out we've had plenty of lyrics videos from R.E.M. in recent months but for all the song previews we've had we were yet to have any official visuals from the band. Just ast week we had a track titled  "Überlin" accompanied with map/tube like graphics. Yesterday however the band unveiled the first in what could be a long line of videos, a clip for their new bands first single, “Mine Smell Like Honey”. The video was directed by Dominic DeJoseph, who also handled clips for R.E.M.’s “Bittersweet Me” and “New Test Leper” in the past, so they're more than familier with his work. Bassist Mike Mills said the video is “a reference to the old Buster Keaton silent film kind of days of pratfalls and just watching people look like they’re getting hurt when they’re really not.” 

So finally soak in the first full video (that's not just lyrics flying around the screen) from R.E.M. in build up to the release of their album Collapse Into Now which you can pre-order over here.