[Listen] The Streets - XFM Live Session

 As we are all aware Mike Skinner is putting a stop to his career in The Streets. That's the bad news. The good news is he has just dropped his new album Computers and Blues which means he's doing the rounds and performing on radio, televsion and even over in the Guardian's offices. So, earlier in the week Mike dropped in to XFM and performed a few tracks from his new release. Below we have the entire session for your listening pleasure. 

To pick up Mike's latest studio offering you can head over in this direction. Also as a second bonus why not go check out the Mixtape he dropped just a week before his LP was to drop titled Cyberspace and Reds. Both show Mikes skills and talent as an MC and justify his carreer. Enjoy the XFM Session.

The Streets - XFM Live Session by Some Kind of Awesome