[Watch] Howlin' For You (Trailer) Feat. The Black Keys

Here we have some pure awesome in a 3 minute nugget of pure brilliance for your eyes to soak in. The short was directed and written by writer/director Chris Marrs Piliero and features a cast of a few familier as well as a few unfamiliar faces too. Some of the faces as Audio Perv points out include Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Sean Patrick Flanery, Corbin Bernsen, Diora Baird, Christian Serratos (Twilight). Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention the cameo of The Black Keys AKA Patrick Carney and  Dan Auerbach. Check out the crazy weapon filled video at the top. Me and Rocko especially like the comically placed moustaches the pair are wearing, in particularly Dan's, as firstly he has a beard, kind of a waste, secondly he can grow one huge ass mo' over night by the looks of him. Check out wheat IMDb has to say about it below and enjoy the 3 minutes of action at the top.

"Alexa Wolff, a sexy assassin with a troubled past, unknowingly falls in love with the man who killed her father. He is not her first love, though. Two other men came before. But they would not have her. Now, all grown up with an appetite for revenge, Alexa’s leaving a trail of bloody corpses and broken hearts in her wake."

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