[Download] The Kickdrums & DJ Eleven - That's Them! (Mixtape)

On February 21st, 11 Inch Records is going to be dropping The Kickdrums EP, Something's Gotta Give. To celebrate the upcoming release, 11 Inch has put together a mix of their best bangers to date. Track list is below. You can download it as individual songs here or one whole mix below as well. 

The Kickdrums & DJ Eleven - That's Them! (Mixtape) by Some Kind of Awesome

 DJ Eleven & The Kickdrums – That’s Them!
The Kickdrums – We Can’t Go Home Anymore My Love
The Kickdrums – Just A Game feat. Joell Ortiz
Kanye West – Good Morning (The Kickdrums remix)
Kid Cudi – Sky High
The Kickdrums – Things Work Out
Peter Bjorn & John – Nothing To Worry About (The Kickdrums remix feat. Wale and Young Chris)
The Kickdrums – I’m Gonna Dress in Black
The Kickdrums – Optimistic Captive
Ben Harper – Lay There And Hate Me (The Kickdrums remix)
The Kickdrums – Love Buzz
The Kickdrums – Perfect World feat. RZA (remix)
The Kickdrums – Love Is A Drug
The Kickdrums – Somethings Gotta Give (Kutcorners remix)