[News] Glassjaw EP 'Colouring Book' Details

As we mentioned a little while back Glassjaw had been releasing track after track in monthly intervals leading up to a New Years Day performance in NY which creating a buzz in certain circles for its shear intensity. Today the tracklisting for the EP Colouring Book has appeared online. Check it out below. All new material bar "Gold" which we got a taste of in January:

1. Black Nurse
2. Gold
3. Vanilla Poltergeist Snake
4. Miracle in Inches
5. Stations of the New Cross
6. Daytona White

The EP is free to all ticket holders of the band's current US tour and their one UK date. I've heard it and it's fucking good to say the least! Not that the world expected anything less. Thanks to Glassjaw.net for the ever vigilant fans gaining this info.