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[Watch] Bright Eyes - "Shell Games" (Video)

Check out the new video for Bright Eyes' new single, "Shell Games". We first got a tste of this track back in December in news of their new album The People's Key which came out on Feb the 15th last week. The video was Directed by Nik Fackler, and in it we see Conor Oberst and the band playing "Shell Games" around the bonfire and in a winter cabin. The burning fire and imagery pairs well with the distant fading guitar riffs of the track and makes for a decent watch on a Monday morning. 

To pick yoruself up a copy of their brand new album just head on over in this direction and pick yourself up your first but of new music for the week. We also had a preview of a few none album tracks that are available for download over on Saddle Creek, but have a little listen before you buy by heading here. With only 2000 copies being made for vinyl you can now still download the tracks to take with you wherever you go. Anybody designed a portable vinyl player yet? Apple might have missed a portion of the market with that?!

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