[Watch] Rival Schools - "Wring It Out" (Video)

In Rival Schools' newly released music video for their single, "Wring It Out" you'll find a perfectly eery video that does a massive indie hat tip tp The Exorcist

If you're like me, you've been anxiously waiting for their second installment, Pedals since  their 2001 release United By Fate. Fortunately, Pedals drops on March 8th, courtesy of Photo Finish Records.

"Wring It Out" definitely feeds the Rival Schools fix if you've been looking to not stray too far away from what United By Fate brought to the table. Very very very very excited for Pedals. In fact, I'm so pumped that they might sucker me into one of their several crazy pre-order options, where things like picture vinyl, hoodies, etc are additional music to my ears.