[Listen] Manchester Orchestra - "Simple Math"

Here it is, the brand new single from Manchester Orchestra's new album by the same name. Stop what you're doing and soak in the beautiful new track, a leaf from the same book of Mean Everything To Nothing in places, with Andy Hull's voice ranging from peaceful whispers to a raised scream in places, paired with some building fuzzy guitars and cleverly placed bass line's it's a great little tease of what's to come. Now add to this what Andy has been teasing about over on the Manchester Orchestra Soundcloud page. Andy has been giving a few hints at the use of a Children's Choir and an Orchestra. 


Hit play on the track above and you will hear the great use of some orchestral strings to build up into a spine tingling bridge and final verse. An all-round great preview as to what is to come from Manchester Orchestra on their third official album release. 


Simple Math, the album will drop in May so keep your eye's peeled for that, and we'll be sure to keep you in the loop with more new tracks as and when we get hold of them! A definite nice finish to my working day in the office. 

Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra