[Listen] The Streets - 'Computers and Blues' (Full Album)

So here it is, Mike Skinner's parting gift to the world of music, his epilogue to us from the bottom of his heart, never tiring of the grief he's been given, always striving forward and telling it how it is. Being honest with his fans, he also let us know that he's putting an end to his career as The Streets. So without further ado below you can stream his final full lentgh LP coming after more than 16 years in the game. Computers and Blues officially drops on February the 7th via 679/Atlantic and you can pre-order yourself a copy over here. Below is the full album stream via The Hype Machine, so enjoy it and take some time out to pay tribute to the spoken word story teller, the beat maker and voice of more than a few, Mike Skinner. The SKoA team tip our hats to you, kind Sir.

Mike's mixtape titled Cyberspace and Reds was dropped last week so if you want take a few hours out and listen to what is more than likely to be the last 28 tracks Mike puts out into the world.