[Watch] Spoon Live Session for La Blogotheque in Paris

Last year Spoon paid a visit to the good people over at La Blogotheque and the guys over there were a little anxious when the band arrived at the venue to play the songs for them. However, the atmosphere in the room at the beginning caused by Britt Daniel seeming a little distant was short lived, as soon as the band began to play the first chord of "The Ghost of You Lingers" the atmosphere changed, and as they put it, there was no need for words. Above you can see why with the performance of that track along with "Got Nuffin" and then after the jump you can check them out performing "Black Like Me". Both were recorded for The Take-Away shows which see's La Blogotheque invite bands tom play in the streets, bars, elevators, and as you see here a café or two for the world to see. Head on over here to check out more of these great performances.