[Listen] The KickDrums - "Something's Gotta Give" (Kutcorners remix)

On Feb 21st, our buddies  are dropping the Something’s Gotta Give EP on 11InchRecords which features 2 new tracks "Something’s Gotta Give" & "We Can’t Go Home Anymore My Love" as well as remixes of "Something's Gotta Give" by Kutcorners, Sammy Bananas (of ), Emynd, Krames & Morsy, Audience, aka Illo & Kaem, and our good buddy Skinny Friedman (Young Robots/Philadelphyinz, NYC). Check out the dope remix of "Something's Gotta Give" by Kutcorners below.

 upcoming EP Meet Your Ghost is dropping very soon, but according to 11InchRecords site, a certain tall DJ will be letting loose with a mixtape of All Kickdrums Everything. Interesting. Can't wait to see whats on it.

Something's Gotta Give (Kutcorners remix) by kutcorners