[News] Foo Fighters Documentary To Debut at SXSW

Remember back in October last year when Foo Fighters announced their new album on Zane Lowe's Radio One Show along with their 2 huge shows set for the UK this summer at Milton Keynes Bowl. On that same interview Dave started to tell us a little more than he was meant to, or maybe just the right amount to wet our appetites into a frenzy with quotes such as the album as to be the "heaviest yet" and there wasn't an "acoustic guitar in sight" which, obviously raised a lot of eyebrows. Now along with the announcement of their new album Dave let slip that the band were recording a documentary to go along with the album. That was all 4 months ago, and a lot has happened since then. Dave and co have finished their new album and announced so by twitter, they have also played 2 surprise shows in the past 2 weeks with another looking likely to take place tonight! They're busy boys!

In regards to the Documentary that was mentioned back in October we now have more concrete facts regarding it and when it will be debuted! The film is set to document the 16 year life of Foo's from the ashes of Nirvana to the stadium filler they are today. Dave recalls in the press release;

"In October of 1994, I walked into Robert Lang's Seattle studio with a guitar, a drum set, a bass, and 14 songs I thought nobody would ever hear. Five days later, I walked out with the first Foo Fighters record. 16 years and seven studio albums later, with the help of Academy Award-winning director James Moll, we're finally able to tell the story of how that one demo cassette turned into the band that we are today. This is our side of the story. From the first rehearsal, to the completion of our new album, it's all there."

Dave goes on to say,  "Through hours of interviews with all members of the band, past and present, we tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. So help us Lemmy. Giving James mountains of never seen before footage, and unlimited access to the recording of the new record, the film presents an insight to the band never seen before (even to some band members!) and shows the process of making our new album, in my garage, totally analog, to 24-track tape machines. No computers. No auto-tune. No drum machines. Just real rock and roll. For me, it's like watching my life flash in front of my eyes — except with a mouth full of popcorn and Hot Tamales. Hope you dig it. It's been a wild 16 years...here's to 16 more."

Directed by Oscar winner and two-time Emmy winner James Moll, the documentary will make its debut at SXSW Festival this March. It will see appearances from all members of the Foo's along with Butch Vig and also William Goldsmith who played with the Foo's for a few years in the nineties. This film is sure to be an interesting watch and a must see for music fans the world over. Keep your eyes peeled for more info in regards to a general release in the coming months. Oh, and don't forget that the new Foo Fighters album, which is currently untitled, is set for release on April 11th in the UK and 12th in the States! No doubt, expect more videos of new tracks tomorrow after their show tonight. 

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