[Watch] Marijuana Deathsquads Perform "John Cage Match" For MPLS.TV's City of Music Series

Check out this week's video from MPLS.TV City of Music series featuring experimental/noise rock band Marijuana Deathsquads performing the first officially named track "John Cage Match." 

For those that don't know, Marijuana Deathsquads consists of Rhymesayers Emcee P.O.S. and his Building Better Bombs bandmate Isaac Gale, Ryan Olson of Gayngs, Har Mar Superstar, Ben Ivascu and Freddy Votel of the defunct '90s cult blues-punk band Cows. In a recent City Pages article Issac Gale talks about how the band came together, "We were needing something to do, Ryan [Olson] and I, while P.O.S. was on tour all the time." "We were looking for something interesting. So we had an idea to do a project that could be assembled with anyone, anywhere, anytime." He adds: "A party squad."

What's up with the Midwest and supergroups? I'm not complaining but the Midwest always seems to have some interesting collabortions going on i.e. Gayngs, Dynospectrum