[Watch] Local Natives - "Who Knows Who Cares" Live Take Away Show

A few weeks ago we came accross La Blogotheque which is a cool French website that invites bands to come and play for them in unusual venues and places you'd never see a band playing. Ok, so Spoon playing in a Cafe wasn't too outlandish, but yesterday they upped a new session featuring those smooth voiced LA boys, Local Natives. Starting off with some footage in a taxi and a mild language barrier between the end result, we see the boys walk around a grand, high roofed building which sits so nicely next to this rendition of "Who Knows Who Cares". Taylor starts out solo with just himself and a guitar, along with the huanting echoes of the high walls and luxurious surrounding. As he walks around, the rest of the band members gradually join him one by one adding layer upon layer to the song. These boys on record sound great and in a live setting such as this it's just awesome to hear their harmonising. Check it out at the top courtesy of La Blogotheque.

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