[Listen] Alex Turner - 'Submarine' Soundtrack

Long gone are the days of getting a 20 minute train to Sheffield with my friends to catch Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys playing tiny shows to a handful of people, giving out CD's at the back afterwards. My original copy of their demos is still lying around in my collection somewhere, a little worse for wear no doubt given how much I used to play it. And rightly so that the boys have done good and now are a force to be reckoned with, raw energy at the live shows and Alex's story telling skills have developed even more so from the roots of talking about drunken nights out in sunny old Yorkshire. Less than a week after seeing the brand new video from Arctic Monkeys for the track, "Brick By Brick" we have a taste of Alex's solo work that he wrote for the film debut of Richard Ayoade (of The IT Crowd fame), Submarine. Below you can hear the intro and after the jump the rest of his tracks are up for listening. 

Alex's soft voice backed by acoustic guitar on a few tracks with poppier drum beats added to others, it shows promise for the young songwriter who hopefully this year will complete work on the Arctic's fourth LP (rumour has it, it may even have already been completed with "Brick By Brick" coming from nowhere, homecoming gigs and festival slots in the Summer). Check out the tracks for yourselves below. A hat tip to TwentyFourBit for finding "Piledriver Waltz" leading to this little discovery of the whole EP in the early hours. Let's hope we get more music from not just Alex but the rest of the guys soon. Enjoy the EP, for me "Stuck On The Puzzle" stands out but it could just be the drum intro and Arctics feel to it. Should comfort the people worrying that he's lost his way with the words and still is a great modern poet.

"Stuck On The Puzzle (Intro)"

"Hiding Tonight"

"Glass In The Park"

"It's Hard To Get Around In The Wind"

"Stuck On The Puzzle"

"Piledriver Waltz"

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