[Download] Mark Lanegan - "Burning Jacob's Ladder"

 Check out this slow burning track from Mark Lanegan with it's slow picked tremolo filled guitar lick taking you to a desert some place far away. Cigarette in mouth, you walk towards the sunset as the drum rolls then kick in layering with the guitar and haunting dark vocals. I like the way the song builds into a raucous noise and the screeching lead guitar that forces its way to the front of the mix. If you listen carefully you can pick out Alain Johannes handy work and I'm sure his vox are in the mix too on the backing harmonies. Check it out for yourselves below and look out for more from Mark in the coming months, this track may, or may not be featured on his new LP. Time will tell, but for now this tides over our Lanegan wants.

Mark Lanegan - "Burning Jacob's Ladder" by Some Kind of Awesome

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