[SXSW 2011] Check Out: De Staat

After following a link per the suggestion of a reader from Twitter, De Staat has since pricked my curosity. 

The band is from Holland and has already seen a lot of success back in their home country, winning the prestigious 3VOOR12 AWARD 2009 for best album in the Netherlands, and was voted Best Album of 2009 in Live XS Magazine for their album, Wait For Evolution. After re-releasing WFE internationally, they are taking to North America to see if they can experience the same kind of success with their recently released album Machinery. Their single from the album, "Sweatshop" is cheeky but still charmingly smooth and has a video (above) to match. 

Okay, De Staat. You have my attention. Your move.

Be sure to check them out while they're at SXSW at these fine locations:

Friday March 18th - Dutch Impact Party @ West Tent, Brush Square Park, 5PM

Saturday March 19th @ BD Rileys, 8PM

  De Staat by coolgreen