[SXSW 2011] Preview: Jamie Woon

British singer/songwriter Jamie Woon hit the scene in 2007 with his EP Wayfaring Stranger and hasn't stopped making waves since. Riding off of last year's successful single "Night Air", Woon is hitting the ground running in Austin to get the world rowdy for his upcoming album, Mirrorwriting, which hits stores April 11th. 

I have been in love with his voice since the first time I laid my ears on "Lady Luck" (video and remix below). Really looking forward to catching him at one of these sets during my stay in Austin. 

March 16th - 1:15pm - Mohawk (FULL BAND)

March 16th - 5.55pm - British Music Embassy (FULL BAND)

March 17th - 3.30pm - Phoenix (FULL BAND)

March 17th - 9:00pm - Windish House (FULL BAND)

March 18th - 1.30pm - French Legation Museum (STRIPPED DOWN SHOW)

March 19th - 9:00pm - Lanai Roof Top Lounge (FULL BAND)


"Lady Luck" 


Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink Wolf Re-fix) by woon