[Listen] Soundgarden - 'Live on I-5' (Full Album Stream)

It's been fifteen years since Seattle-based Grunge rock band Soundgarden broke up, and they haven't toured or released any content since. Last year, though, they held a secret reunion concert under the name "Nudedragons" at the Showbox at the Market venue in Seattle. Since then, the band has made an appearance on Conan, and are even in the talks for releasing a brand new studio album this year. In the meantime, though, March 22nd marks the release of the bands' first ever live album, titled Live on I-5. The live album was recorded over the course of the West Coast leg of Soundgarden's 1996 tour in support of their last studio album, Down on the Upside. Plans to make a live album were scrapped due to the group disbanding, so the live recordings were stored away. After the jump, you can listen to the entirety of Live on I-5, which features seventeen tracks from all five of the bands' albums.