[Watch] Maroon 5 Record A Track Live For 24 Hours With Your Help!

Tomorrow March 22nd (or today in some parts of the world already) marks a day that Maroon 5 will be making history by attempting to create a collaborative song via fans from around the world in a 24 hour recording session. The session, officially dubbed the Coca-Cola Music 24hr Session will be held in London and will be steamed live on the internet with the band working with fans in real time to create the one-off track. Using an interactive projection system, all questions, comments and photos will be streamed onto the studio's walls for easy viewing and interaction. By the end of the 24 hour excursion the universe shall have itself a brand spanking new Maroon 5 track. Neat, huh?

As far as I know something like this has never been attempted before in such a way, so we'll be keeping a close eye on this as it unfolds throughout the day. I'm very intrigued to see if they can actually pull this off! 

What questions would you ask Maroon 5? What kind of song do you think they'll make tomorrow?