[Download] Lupe Fiasco - "Who Are You Now" Feat. B.o.B

Lupe just let out a new cut titled "Who Are You Now" featuring B.o.B. The track is produced by Lu and Bobby Ray and was another early cut for the LASERS album. Lupe wanted to get Janelle Monae or Cee-Lo on the 3rd verse, unfortunately, the song got shelved and was never finished. The track also features Japanese Cartoon's (Lupe's side band) Graham Burris on Bass.

The leak of this track comes to a surprise to many, as many people know Lupe was upset about music blog's leaking material before the release of LASERS. He states, "for those who say i dont put out free music or question my love for my fans...take this as a peace offering or a STFU whatever fits you haha" Well played. We hope that Janelle or Cee-lo take interest in wanting to finish this as this track is another certified banger.