[News] Muse Plan To Play 'Origin of Symmetry' In Full At Reading And Leeds

As mentioned last week, the announcement for the Reading and Leeds Lineup was made, a festival close to my heart as a regular at Leeds for the past 6 years and with a ticket in hand for August this year I was more than pleased with the announcement. With it though came a surprise, Muse will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the release of the brilliant album Origin of Symmetry. To many a Muse fan it may be considered a favourite and with the ever increasing back catalogue it's hard for bands to decide what to play and often old material gets pushed aside for a new abum promotion etc. Some bands may even just do an incredibly long set to try and squeeze as much in as possible, I'm looking at you Dave Grohl! Matt Bellamy has taken to Twitter to state that the band aim to play the breakthrough album OOS in full along with a bunch of hits for the fans. 

As well as this though, it looks likely the songs will be getting buried after this, in an interview with NME Matt said, "It's probably the last time some of these songs will ever be played live again," and added that the band are "drawing a line under one phase of our career". FInishing up saying that it's "like coming full circle: we've gone off on one a little bit, and now it feels like the right time to pull it back and remind ourselves of what we were doing 10 years ago." Sad for fans but it's also a treat being at the show where they retire some great songs.

To add to the occasion Muse will be bringing along a one off stage setup for the Festival Weekend. If you've ever seen Muse live before you know they tend to be ott and dramatic in their performance and stage props. Last year there was talks of having a giant eye looking over the crowd for the ultimate 1984, Big Broother kind of vibe. Health and Safety prevented Matt's vision becoming reality however, obviously. For now, Muse fans and Leeds and Reading goers alike should definitely get excited.