[News] Third Man Records Reissue White Stripes Singles for RSD

This year we were all hoping for a surprise reunion between Jack White and Meg White aka The White Stripes, maybe a festival slot or two, anything to keep the fire burning. Unfortunately instead of sparks to light the fure we got a bucket of water when Jack and Meg made the announcement that The White Stripes were no more! Jack isn't exactly a man to stop working though and his Third Man Records is keeping him plenty busy as we saw fr ourselves in Austin at his Rolling Record Store. News then came yesterday that they would be reissuing the first singles from The White Stripes for Record Store Day. According to the label’s official site (via CoS), "Let’s Shake Hands" & "Lafayette" the 1998 singles, will be avaiable for die hards to snap up on April 16th. As you can magine they'll be limited and hard as hell to get after RSD! On a side note we mentioned yesterday there'll also be the release from Jack's input on Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi project, Rome. So if you want to grab as much Jack White swag as possible be sure to pick up that too! Get saving.