[News] Muse Want To Begin Work On New Album In London

All three members of Muse have expressed interest in moving to London to begin work on their new studio album and the follow up to The Resistance. However don't start holding your breath in anticipation just yet as the boys don't think it'll be out until 2012/2013.  "I'd like 2012 if possible but 2013 definitely," Matt Bellamy says. Going on to talk how it'll be the first time the band have made music in England's capital, "We've actually never made a full album here, it'll be nice to all be based in the same place, we can go out and socialise," Matt explained. Finishing off by saying "It also means we can make the album over a longer period of time without having to pressurise it into a three week studio session." There's going out and socialising which is all well and good, but I think the days of Mushroom eating and trippy guitar sessions are long gone.

I think the 2013 release date is more realistic given the fact Matt's and Kate Hudson are expecting a little bambino later this year. Fear not though as the band will be playing a few Festival slots over summer with them ruled out of the Glasto lineup the rumours of them playing the Leeds and Reading Festivals look more and more likely. They'll also be headlining a night at Lollapalooza along with Foo Fighters and Eminem, via CoS.