[Listen] Foo Fighters - "Bridge Burning"

Moments ago, Zane Lowe premiered the track on his show and by the..ahem.. power of the internet we have it here for you to chec out! I hope your earbuds are ready for this, folks. Davie Grohl is probably going to give them permanent damage with this track. "Bridge Burning" opens with a kick to the face of an opening snarl from Grohl and launches into the mayhem that is a Foo Fighters song.

Dear god I just want this record to be out already. APRIL 12TH HURRY UPPPP.

Special thanks to Bryce from 1077 The End. That dude makes my day.

Have a listen! Tell us what you think!! Hooray Foos!

UPDATE: You can now listen to the song in CDQ! :)